London, UK16 June 2014

Iraq Power Conference

16 June 2014 | Grand Connaught Rooms | London | UK

Taking Collaborative Action to Develop Iraq’s Power Industry


The Iraq Power Conference returns to London on the 16 June 2014. The Conference will bring together leaders of the Iraqi power industry, the Iraqi Government, key private companies, regulatory bodies and the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to promote international investment into Iraq’s power sector.

 This unique Conference will discuss the Iraqi government’s plan to develop a sustainable power supply in Iraq, recognising the need for building a modern electricity system to support the country’s economic and social development.


Confirmed 2014 Distinguished Speakers Include:

Full List Speakers Here


What Make’s Iraq Power Unique?

  • Gathers leaders of Iraq’s power industry including major private companies, regulators, investors and the Ministry of Electricity in a collaborative environment
  • Identifies Iraq’s post elections regulatory tariff reforms and new privatization strategies for Iraq’s power sector
  • Provides  an in-depth analysis of the rising demand for electricity 
  • Creates a platform for unparalleled networking with industry leaders and key decision makers giving you the opportunity to develop new business partnerships.

Secure Your Participation For 2014:

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  • The Iraq Power Conference returns to London on the 16 June 2014
  • Industry Leaders, Experts Speak at the Iraq Power Conference